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Working From Home

We have updated everyone to our brand new IAP landing pages 2.0! Find your new landing page and your new link by simply typing in your name below!

IAP Landing Page Search

What are some of the key updates?

  • Brand new fully resigned landing pages that are fresh, dynamic, and better than ever!

  • With brand conscientiousness in mind we have moved all IAP landing pages off of the and on to the domain.

  • These are also our most advanced IAP landing pages to date. We have implemented cutting edge tracking & tagging technology to make sure you always get credit for a new borrower.

  • Forms on your landing page are now fully meta tagged to you. What does this mean? This eliminates the current "pre form" on your landing page and replaces that form with full loan application directly on your landing page. Now, as long as a borrower completes any loan application on your IAP landing page you are permanently tagged to that loan application.

  • Recruiting a team or sponsoring at new IAP just got easier. Now your name auto fills into the recruiting sponsors line ensuring that you get credit for a new recruit every time.

  • Real time updates. Whenever new information like new product sheets or updates to the loan applications are published on the website that info automatically updates on your landing page.

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